Cost Savings

In addition to providing superior security, MX Police delivers unmatched return on your investment and cost advantages when compared to other email security options.

ROI Advantage

Nucleus Research, which specializes in ROI research, estimates the cost of spam due to lost productivity is $1,934 per employee, each year. They surveyed “representative employees” from 82 companies and found that employees spend an average of 15 minutes a day sifting through 29 unsolicited e-mail messages.

The daily loss in productivity was multiplied by 2,080 days (52 40-hour weeks) at the cost of $30 an hour (the average employee salary and benefits) to arrive at $1,934.

With $1,934 as the annual cost of spam, the average monthly ROI when using MX Police is as high as 4,000 percent.

Because MX Police eliminates up to 99.8 percent of spam, the time spent dealing with spam each day is reduced to less than a minute. For companies with average labor costs higher than $30 per hour, the ROI is even greater.

Higher employee productivity is only one way MX Police offers returns on your investment. Other ROI benefits for your business include:

  • Cost savings from reduced bandwidth use.
  • Productivity gains for your IT personnel from drastic reduction in spam, email-based virus/malware infections, and security exploits, and from time saved on email system administration.
  • Security of your mail system that prevents recovery costs from security attacks, such as hacking or virus/malware infections.
  • Continuous mail support that prevents downtime and lower productivity.
  • Reduced mail server space requirements