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Help your clients boost productivity, keep bandwidth costs down, and protect their networks by directing them toward the most effective anti-spam technology available. With MX Police, your clients will enjoy the highest anti-spam ROI with cutting-edge safeguards against email-based threats that can hijack computers or access any of the private information stored in their systems.

MX Police is a zero-administration product that never requires the time or attention of your clients. No additional expenditure on hardware, software, upgrades, or support is ever needed.

MX Police uses a unique combination of spam detection methods and technologies to eliminate up to 99.8 percent of spam email messages. It protects against viruses and other malware threats long before other anti-spam products are even aware of them, and shields against directory harvest, denial of service, and other attacks. Email accounts protected with MX Police have no down time and are backed up with geographic redundancy. Our spam filter is so advanced, its false positive rate leads the industry at 0.000001 percent.

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