Spam Protection

Today, every business, large and small, needs state-of-the-art spam protection. Financially, it makes sense. An effective managed spam filter frees up resources and IT personnel. It halves the time employees spend on email tasks and spares them aggravation, boosting productivity and providing an indisputable ROI. Ethically, businesses must protect the sensitive information of customers and associates from cybercriminals who attempt to harvest that data with malware in spam email messages.

About 90 percent of all email in circulation is spam. Much of it is a nuisance, draining resources and productivity. Some tries to scam you. Some delivers spyware, viruses, and other malware to your computer and networks, compromising your system’s efficiency, data, and security.

MX Police’s spam filtering service keeps your email clear of all spam, from the merely annoying to the downright dangerous. MX Police prevents 99.8 percent of incoming spam from reaching your inbox, combined with the lowest false-positive rate in the spam protection industry (0.000001 percent).

Superior Spam Protection through Reputation-Based Filtering

The secret is multi-layered filtering that begins with the revolutionary MX Police Reputation Network. Using the first, largest, and most accurate global email traffic monitoring system, MX Police blocks 90 percent of spam at the connection level. Spam filtering is then reinforced by the Context Adaptive Scanning Engine, a unique program that determines email validity based on the entire context of the incoming message. This reputation-based spam protection and context evaluation is also the key to MX Police’s practically non-existent false positive rate.

Built-in failover mechanisms and geographic redundancy ensure your email accounts receive all legitimate messages at all times, constantly protected by a 24/7 threat operations center and the MX Police Reputation Network. All MX Police operations, services, and updates are hands-off from your end, meaning full-time, always up-to-date spam protection with zero administration. Your only interaction with MX Police’s spam filtering service is a quarantine summary sent at 6:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Plus, there are never additional costs for updates, hardware, software, or support.