Why Do You Need MX Police?

MX Police is a managed system that detects and removes both known and unknown virus and malware threats before they have the opportunity to reach your network.  This is accomplished with an advanced engine, algorithms, and technologies.  The spam and virus protection you receive when you protect your business with MX Police is superior to other leading anti-virus products and in-house solutions.

75% of users say they spend more than 10 minutes dealing with spam daily, and 24% say they spend more than 20 minutes dealing with spam daily.
-Symantec Corporation

MX Police is frequently able to block viruses days before other anti-virus software is able to detect their presence.  The outbreak protection provided by MX Police ensures your business is protected at all times, against threats you may not even know exist.

The protection provided by MX Police is monitored and maintained by experts, and is constantly being adapted to new threats – often in real time.

Eradicates Up to 99.8% of Spam With Zero Legitimate Emails Lost

MX Police stops up to 99 percent of spam from ever reaching your business.  The industry-leading 0.000001 percent false positive rate means you won’t have to worry about losing legitimate emails. Only one out of 1,000,000 legitimate emails is blocked, and these falsely tagged emails are retrievable at any time. Our automatic failover system, which replicates all incoming mail, makes sure no legitimate mail is lost due to system failures.

No Installation or Maintenance Required

“Managed” means the solution resides in our secure, state-of-the-art data center, so you won’t be burdened with installation or maintenance. With MX Police, there will never be a need to invest in hardware, software, support, or upgrades. We handle all configuration and administration of the system, so your IT team will be able to concentrate on other areas of support.

Round-the-Clock Availability of Your Mail System

MX Police features online load balancing, redundancy, and replication of data. Network failure is automatically repaired, and message delivery continues with only seconds of delay when the system encounters a problem.  This means you have 24/7 availability of your mail system with zero downtime.

Certified Military-grade Security

MX Police delivers military-grade security, approved by the CyberSecurity Taskforce, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It’s EAL4+ Certified, a mark synonymous with the highest recognized level of security and honored in 19 countries. This level of security far surpasses that of most in-house systems.

Added Protection Against Attacks and Zero Liability

In addition to superior virus protection, MX Police safeguards your network against other common threats, such as denial of service and directory harvest attacks. Furthermore, the security of the mail system is our responsibility, freeing you from any liability if a successful intrusion does occur.

Continuous Business Support

Our solution features built-in failover mechanisms for your Internet connection, network hardware, and mail server.  This ensures continuous mail support for your business. We provide service backup for up to five days in the event your mail server is unavailable.

Higher Productivity and Increased Employee Morale

According to ITFacts.biz, users without anti-spam solutions spend an average of 43 minutes per day checking email, while that time is reduced by 50 percent with a spam solution.  Such productivity gains are per employee, 5 days a week.  Employee morale will be raised when the frustration of dealing with spam is eliminated.  Because MX Police is configured, supported, and monitored in our data center, your IT team will be able to use their time more effectively, instead of troubleshooting spam and virus-related problems.